3 Secrets About Interviews Most People Don’t Know

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You’re getting ready to finish college and you finally landed your first job interview (great job!).

Now, that the easy part is out of the way it’s time to get serious. You need to understand how the job game functions and what’s really going on. Once you understand how things really work you’re going to find that job hunting in the Chicago area is just a big strategy game.

While a career coach is going to be the best solution to winning the right job, here are a few things you can keep top of mind that might help you position yourself better during an interview.

1. The Person On the Other Side of the Desk Might be Dreading the Interview

It’s a little hard to imagine possible, but going through the interview process is not why most people sign up for their specific career. Often, interviewers are given the task of interviewing because their boss just doesn’t want to do it.

So, if you’re sensing anxiousness in the air… that’s probably not just your nerves. The person who’s interviewing you might have multiple tasks on their mind that they wish they could be doing instead.

What Should You Do?

Be on time, efficient, and prepared. Nobody likes to work with someone who’s just not ready to be interviewed. Do your homework on the company and ask questions.

2. The Person Interviewing You May Have No Clue What Your Role Is

If you’re one of the first to be interviewed it’s possible that they really don’t understand what the needs of the job are. Interviewing can help companies who are trying to define a new role gather new information on what the role should be and the type of person that fits best.

Lack of clarity can be good for you. You may have something to bring to the table from your experience that can help them gain a better picture of what they want.

How Can You Prepare for This?

While not every aspect of this is going to be under your control, you can seek out other professionals in the company via LinkedIn and ask them for help. People love to help! Be sure to be clear and concise in what you’re looking for.

3. Judgement Does Happen

You’re speaking to the person interviewing you before you even open your mouth. Without question, both you and the interviewer are probably judging each other. The biggest areas of critique for interviewers are how you look and the energy you’re bringing into the room.

The first 20 seconds of an interview often make or break your chances of being hired.

What’s a Good Strategy?

Be confident! Study the company, internal team, and the person who’s interviewing you to get a better idea of what they like, the energy they have, and their possible personality. Once again, LinkedIn is a powerful tool that will help you research everything you need to know.