Top Dubai Travel Tips for First Time Visitors

Known as the city with a golden heart, Dubai is an ultimate global destination for millions. With Dubai’s out-of-the-ordinary architecture, colossal shopping malls, and endless spice markets, the world’s capital of abundance is definitely worth taking a tour.

There’s a whole lot more to the city than meets the eye, from flourishing art scenes and design ecosystem, to unlimited gastronomical journey, there’s always something new and unique happening.

So if you are in for a once-in-a-lifetime tour in Dubai, here are four travel tips to consider when visiting one of the Middle East’s most ravishing cities.

Enjoy the Amazing Skylines

Dubai houses the finest architectural structures in the whole world. Whether you are Downtown around the tallest man-made tower on Earth – the Burj Khalifa – or down at Marina that owns a number of the tallest residential buildings in the world – you will always stay close to a sensational view. Be mesmerised by the shimmering water of the gulf and the rolling dunes of the Arabian Desert.

Learn its Authentic Culture

While the city is growing and modernising at a breakneck speed, it continuously renders special efforts to preserve its rich past and cultural heritage. One great example lies not so far from the city – the ancient Arab ruins at Ras Al Khaimah. Here you can witness the round remains of several structures from around 2,500 BC.

You may also want to explore the affluent culture of the city in the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Culture Understanding. Living with a motto of “open doors, open minds” the centre is specially designed to foster awareness and expose the culture, traditions and beliefs of the United Arab Emirates.

Wander the City

Travelling in Dubai may simply mean leaving your hesitations behind. Dubai is extremely an easy place to navigate around, and even if you do get lost, most people can communicate in English. There’s also no shortage of public vehicles in Dubai. If you intend to explore the city and surrounding suburbs behind the wheel, just make sure you carry with you an international driver’s license.

Dubai is truly a wonderful place – offering you a home away from home.

Finally, make the most of your time.

There is an infinite spectrum of activities in Dubai. Competing with top shopping destinations like New York, London and Tokyo, Dubai offers incredible shopping opportunities for every traveller. With the city’s fabulous weather and stunning beaches, you can soak under the sun and enjoy the magnificent view of skyscrapers from behind. Plus, there are water parks, desert safaris, river cruises, museums, and hundreds of other amazing sights.

Before you take a tour in Dubai, visit Grand Holiday. One of the leading travel agency based in Thailand, Grand Holiday offers a comprehensive variety of travel solutions and packages, as well as concierge services and customised holiday experiences to nearly all countries around the world. The agency transcends far beyond an ordinary travel service by providing travel plans perfectly tailored to suit everyone’s individual taste.

Whether you are taking a tour in Dubai all by yourself or with loved ones, Grand Holiday has highly personalised services to offer an expansive range of unique and worthwhile travel ideas. For further information, you may contact them at 02-3619688 or 061-4318804.

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Things to See and Do in Sathorn, Bangkok

Sathorn in Bangkok contains some of the trendiest hotels found in Bangkok. It stretches from the Lumpini Park South all the way to the river. You can also find some great upmarket apartments in this location and some great restaurants serving fine cuisine – both local and international.  The area is serviced by the Bangkok Skytrain or the BTS. It is considered one of the newest areas in Bangkok and it has grown quite fast over the past few years.  You can find a great Sathorn hotel Bangkok has today here which will give you a great access to many other attractions in the city including some of prime addresses such as Silom, Sukhumvit, Siam as well as the riverside. Many expats and business travelers love Sathorn for its trendy hotels and its good quality serviced apartments.

There are lots of things that you can do and see in Sathorn. If you are after some action, you can check out the Lumpini Boxing Stadium which holds various regular boxing matches. The Q House Lumpini is a lifestyle centre where one can take part in various activities such as dancing, fitness and even dining in some fine restaurants.

The Lumpini Park is the main highlight of the Sathorn area. If you get a great Sathorn hotel Bangkok accommodation near Lumpini, you can have the luxury of enjoying various park related activities. The park offers a great reprieve from the hustle and bustle of the city and visitors here can partake of various activities such as meditation, cycling and jogging. The park is generally open from sunrise to dawn and offers great accessibility to many of the highlights of Bangkok.

Sathorn offers some great dining options through its many restaurants. There is a fantastic mix that you can find here including the upscale restaurants serving international cuisine and even street-side stalls which serve some of the local treats. If you are tired of the menu choices in your Sathorn hotel Bangkok accommodation, you can get a little adventurous and explore the many dining choices which are available out here ranging from the high end fancy to some simple gourmets. Some of the most popular restaurants in Sathorn include Vertigo, Uncle John’s, Blue Elephant and the Kitchen Table.

The party scene is also a roaring mix. Some of the best sky bars in Bangkok are found in Sathorn. The most notable of these is the Moon Bar which is situated on the 68th floor of the Banyan Tree Hotel. The bar offers a 360 degree panorama of the Bangkok skyline. There are many other great bars and nightclubs that you can find here, each of which offers something memorable.


There are staggering choices of places where you can stay while in Sathorn. You can find some of the swankiest serviced apartments in this Bangkok address. One of the best hotels in Sathorn is the Aetas Lumpini which is situated close to the Sirikit National Convention Center. This is the newest hotel in the Bangkok business district and it is also one finest. Guests can choose from over 200 rooms which are beautifully and exquisitely furnished. The service here is also world-class.

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Assess Fantastic Customer Service with These Tell-tale Clues

Customer care is crucial. It pushes sales functions to terrific heights if done correctly and practiced repeatedly. Whether you’re a landlady of a holiday rental Caloundra area has or a mid-sized restaurant operation founder, your organisation could be stained by a number of but crucial buyer-related errors.

It does not matter if you’re a burgeoning business founder or a curious user, here are a few practical indications of bespoke customer care you must watch on:

1.They extend past typical expectations.

Customer care extends past offering the needs; it must also go above apprehensions. For example, if you’re hunting for a Logan Town planning consultancy, don’t only try to find a service provider who can offer practical guidance. Choose a Logan Town planning expert who can deliver other variety of services.

How do you know you’re addressing the most effective planning Logan Town consultant? Since you’re going to work with property planning and property development rights, you could pick a Planning Logan Town consultant who can deliver outstanding witness professional services. Before you look for a professional in planning in Logan Town, remember to enumerate your needs.

2.They are awe-inspiring sounding boards.

Buyers who individually arrive at a physical retail store need to buy the services or product to satisfy their concerns. To get devotion and assured pleasure, sellers should know the best way to pay attention to their clients.

For example, any service technician can say that they’re a good HGV cracked windscreen repairs specialist. On the other hand, the best HGV Windscreen repairs company hears the individual’s concern prior to anything else. The best technician for HGV replacement windscreens in Birmingham inspects the auto in person. They examine questions, focus on what the subscriber certainly points out, and doesn’t promote HGV windscreens right away.

An HGV repair professional with stellar coverage in listening to their customers’ demands can build a tough foundation their market.

3.They tend not to take the users for granted.

Potential customers come and go and that is a reality. However, just because it is true, doesn’t indicate the service providers ought to act like it the customers’ faces.

Say, a Mudgee accommodation self-contained apartments provider may cope with deluges of visitors now and again. Having said that, a constant gush of clients doesn’t excuse a Mudgee accommodation self-contained apartments company from making the prospects feel significant. Individuals like being greeted with friendliness and sincere accommodation.

An accommodation self-contained Mudgee provider can allow their business enterprise obtain an outstanding track record if they integrate earnestness in treating their clients. If you’re traveling and trying to find an accommodation self-contained in Mudgee, always be on the find personnel who spend additional time and effort in ensuring that customers feel at home.

Find accommodation self-contained Mudgee has today here.

4.They are pros in identifying and foretelling client concerns.

As mentioned, shoppers don’t actually purchase the service or product– they pay for the full satisfaction of their desires. Personnel who engage in excellent customer service are trained in deciphering and envisaging their visitors’ wants.

For instance, if you’re a vacationer who’s hunting for a holiday rental Caloundra area has today, you’re undoubtedly either a vacationist who would like to relax. A service provider of a holiday rental Caloundra area has today should gladly intercept your demands for your sojourn– even without you pointing out it.

Service providers of holiday rentals Kings Beach Caloundra wide will definitely achieve more if they know what variety of clients they are drawing in. No matter if it’s a weekend warrior or a smaller group of friends looking for Caloundra holiday home or Boardwalk holiday apartments Caloundra has today, entrepreneurs need to feel enough to foretell their forthcoming requirements.

5.They know ways to make customers understand their products and systems

One of the main aspects of client correspondence is finding the perspective of the customers. Afterward, the service provider should have the ability to interact with the customers’ conditions and make them comprehend the service or the system.

Say, if the visitor is enquiring a QUT Apartment Brisbane, Griffith Accommodation Brisbane wide or James Cook Living, the customer support representative (CSR) should have the capacity to apply reasonable terms. They need to eliminate employing jargons and unknown languages, even if it’s ‘sort of’ relevant to the James Cook Accommodation services or Griffith Accommodation Brisbane services. For more details, visit at

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Fight Stress and Sadness with these 6 Me-Time Activities

You can take a break and rent one of the beach holiday homes Noosa has today or learn new training courses—whatever makes you happy—but other than to relax, why indulge in a me-time activity?

Being normal people, most of us must cope with limited progress and stress at various sorts of aspects in our lives. Whilst this is imminent, we shouldn’t have to let these scenarios beat our zing for dealing with unique stuff and finding out new proficiencies.

You can undoubtedly earn an amount of fulfilment by busying yourself in these tasks:

Loosen up – Try being random

Even though preparation is necessary for doing well, it’s not a factor in obtaining effectiveness– and so is being random with your choices. However, the latter has been verified to invoke creativity for any individual.

Say, if you remain in a job that includes overall flexibility and thinking about new, audacious ideas, you’ll definitely be happier if you unwind and practice being more random, instead of being too organized and constricted by a certain platform in conceptualizing.

Landscaping – Be one with Mother Nature once again

What most folks don’t usually realize at first glance is the perks of growing plants to inner wellbeing. Research studies from the likes of Oxford University have indeed displayed that farming has a desirable influence on flower’ self-esteem and state of mind. And it even aids in overpowering sadness and fatigue!

Know New Courses – Study real estate, culinary, etc.

It’s never far too late to know how to freshen up your learning skills and study a new class besides something related to your existing occupation or College degree. On the other hand, if you’re thinking that changing careers would inspire you more satisfied, then don’t hesitate to prefer the road barely travelled. Don’t just be contented with reading articles online or conducting informal interviews with folks from the industries and enrol in a 6-month course.

Volunteering – Try teaching overseas!

Another endeavour that has been confirmed to provide people a sense of calm and duty is volunteering. If you’re preparing for a medical career, you can register in a medical internship by volunteering with children in hospitals; meanwhile, if you’re an entrepreneur who intends to grow their company and purchase networking, you can volunteer in Bali and meet potential clients and partners there.

Don’t just soak in sea, sand, and salt

To some, getting an accommodation Noosaville has and staying overnight beside the miraculous seashores may sound cliché. However, renting one of the beach holiday homes Noosa has today shouldn’t just involve swimming and sunbathing.

While renting one of the apartments Noosa Heads has these days, why not make a video diary? Shoot some scenes you find relaxing and when you get home, open your video-editing application and compile all the scenes you shot into one mini-movie. You can also take photos of some unusual but scenic locations of the accomodation Noosaville has today.

Who knows, after your stay in one of the beach holiday homes Noosa has, you might even pursue your artistic side.

Achieve Supple Skin with Therapy

Although you’re fighting stress, who mentions it should also show on your skin? If you’re stressed that your skin is losing it natural luster and tone, you can try skin care therapy that scrubs, moisturises, and rejuvenates the all-natural gleam of your skin.

Some of the choices you can take into consideration is an Enzyme therapy, such as Brisbane DMK therapy. A DMK skin therapy Brisbane has today includes the necessary assessment before the procedure to ensure that the skin specialist can truly find out the best remedy for you. For more information, visit their website at:

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Planning the Perfect Vacations: Choosing The Right Type of Yacht to Charter


Determining the ideal type of yacht to rent or charter is a crucial task because your decision shapes your experience. You need to define the experience you want and understand what each type of yacht has to offer. Each yacht offers unique luxury and pleasure. To help you choose the perfect yacht for your vacation at sea, here are factors you should consider.

Choosing the Best Yacht

Yacht Layout and Space

Your ideal layout and space are determined by the number of people you plan to sail with and their relationships. When sailing with friends, layout, and space may not be a major concern. However, if you will be sailing with couples only, you should endeavor to have enough space and privacy. Analyze the interior layout because different layouts offer varying privacy levels. The number of people determines the yacht size, facilities, and price. For example, it is advisable to consider an extra bath if you will be more than four people.

Cruise Duration

Your cruise duration is important because it determines the amount of space you need. It would be easy to survive on a smaller boat for one weekend. On the other hand, a two weeks’ vacation would be enjoyable if everyone has enough space and privacy. Duration also determines the cost. The longer the duration, the higher the cost. However, some yacht companies offer substantial discounts for long period rentals.

type of yacht

Purpose and type of yacht

The purpose of your rental determines the type of yacht you choose. Though most charter yachts can accommodate up to 12 people, they are designed to serve different needs while offering top-notch luxury. Yacht types range from sailing catamarans, sailing yacht, motor yacht, power catamarans and luxury mega yachts.

If you want a slow and relaxed sail where you can move around while enjoying your glass of wine, sailing catamarans or the sailing yacht from 212 Yachts would be perfect. The catamarans offer more living space meaning that it can accommodate more people. If you want to explore many island destinations, go for the luxury mega yacht or the motor yacht. These are yachts ideal for speedy travels and long distance destinations. They are formal with larger crews and offer 5-star services. However, they are quite expensive because they incorporate fuel charges.


Just like all vacations, you ought to budget for your cruise holiday. As such, it is advisable to rent a yacht that is within your budget. If you will be cruising with friends, discuss your budget together and ensure that it favors all parties. Your budget is important at deciding the yacht to work with. Note that, additional costs such as docking or fuel charges may be incurred. So, do not spend all your vacation savings on hiring the yacht.


Deciding on the ideal type of yacht to charter requires dedication and coordination with the right people. A cruise vacation requires more than just picking the right vessel; you need to match with the right crew to build a lasting experience. Hence, the need to consult cruise vacation experts within your reach or ask for referrals from friends and family.

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Gap Year Programs: How Does it Change Your Life?

Do you have some time off before you start college? You might want to consider taking the year off and partake in gap year programs. A gap year is a time off taken by mostly students or young people in between major life stages. It is becoming an increasingly popular option for the young people as they get to travel, learn a new culture, experience new things, and more. If you are at this stage in your life right now, you might want to think about. Spending your gap year to volunteer in Bali or some other country will change your life. But how, you ask?

Cultural Exchange

The cultural exchange that takes place when you join gap year programs to volunteer. You will most likely be sent to a destination that is different from what you are used to. But the physical setting and way of life is just a glimpse of that difference. You will be in for a culture shock too! But over time, the culture shock will wane down and you will gain an appreciation for how the people live and thrive in the way they do. At the same time, you will also introduce a part of your culture to them.

In the process of interacting with and meeting locals in the area, you have undergone a cultural exchange. Every culture is different. This is why young people enjoy traveling and volunteering. It opens their eyes to see these differences and allow themselves to grow because of that. A lot of young people end up becoming more mature when they embark on programs that enable them to volunteer with children and other communities. Visit at Involvement Volunteers International

Making Difference in People’s Lives

This might sound like a cliché but volunteering is an opportunity to make an impact on people’s lives. Whether you are teaching children in a classroom, helping build homes, or providing public health services, you are (in one way or another) doing something to enhance these people’s lives. This is a very empowering feeling. In fact, many volunteers find themselves wanting to volunteer again because they are so moved by the impact that they make on others’ lives.

Learning New Skills (or Developing Ones You Have)

This is another obvious benefit for volunteering on your gap year, and one that can change your life too. This is also why it benefits young people and students the most – they can gain new skills and experiences that can help them as they carve their career. When you volunteer, you are also exposed to a wide range of situations that will prepare you mentally before you dive into your desired career path.

Those that have gone on to get involved with gap year programs cherish the experience that they have had. Regardless if you want to use your experience to gain new skills or boost your resume, you won’t come back the same person! If you want to learn more about volunteering with children or indigenous people, you can visit to get more information.

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