Valuable Tips for Choosing the Best Wedding Venue in Brisbane

You special day should be special in every way possible. Your wedding should leave a lasting memory for you and your guests. The wedding decorations, the cake, the dresses and the wedding menu play a major role to the elegance of the wedding. But, it is the wedding venue that sets the stage for the right mood and ambiance. You ought to give the venue top priority. Venues of weddings Brisbane has today are many and unique in their features. Even so, you should choose a venue that matches your tastes and preferences. You want a venue that will enhance your wedding theme, can sufficiently accommodate all your guests and has extra space for dressing. Such venues, however, are not easy to come by. Here are some valuable tips to help you look for the right wedding venue hire Brisbane option.

Geographical location

It is important to select a location that is easily accessible by majority of your guests. You do not want your guests coming late simply because they got lost. Make sure the venue is in a popular place or near a renowned landmark. If you are planning for a destination wedding, you need to put in place all the logistics to get everyone to the wedding site.

Traffic and driving considerations

Given the congestion and freeway confusion in Brisbane, you will save your guests valuable time by providing a destination map. If your wedding is taking place in the evening, make sure you take a test drive at night so you can take note of the well lit streets to prevent your guests from getting lost. Consider the parking space of the venue; ensure that it is enough for all your guests.


What kind of wedding are you planning to have? Is it a traditional or a church wedding? Is it formal or informal? Will it be held during the day or at night? Will it be indoors or outdoors? A great coworking space Brisbane has is a good option for a casual outdoor wedding. If you want an innovative ceremony, you may also want to be part of destination weddings Brisbane has to offer.

Number of guests

How many people do you expect? The number of people you anticipate will determine the kind of venue you choose. The venue management also requires this information so as to make proper arrangements. Your guest list should be the first thing you do when planning for your wedding in order to plan for the budget and get the right wedding spot. You may also consider office space Brisbane options if your wedding is not so big. If the ceremony goes late into the night, you might want to check if the venue’s accommodation is adequate for all your guests.


Weather is a major factor to consider especially if you are planning for an outdoor event. Celebrating under the sunny skies is fantastic but you do not want your guests squinting the whole time. Ensure that canopies are provided in each table to screen the sun. The best weddings Brisbane has witnessed were held during the summer season. Nevertheless, if you intend to do yours during the wet season, make sure there is a backup plan in case the rains decide to pour in the middle of the event.

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